how do i know if my turtle is male or female???

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i got my turtle when it was a bout 6 months old and the person that gave it to me doesnt know if it is male or female can i tell???
joe allen
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Congratulations, it\'s a Boy!!!

1. Long (I mean, real long) claws on the front paws.

2. A fat tail and it is longer than a female\'s tail.

3. A slight concaved curve on the bottom part of the shell.

4. You might notice more aggressive tendencies.

5. The cloaca (opening) is closer to the tip of the tail than the body.

No wait! It\'s a Girl!!!

1. Shorter claws than a male\'s claws.

2. A shorter, thinner tail.

3. Flatter plastron (bottom of the shell).

4. females tend to be larger than males.

5. The cloaca (opening) on the tail is closer to the body than the tip of the tail.

Hopefully this will help if not get back to me and i\'ll help you.
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