Big RES wit lil RES?????

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i have a 4\" res named Ali, and i also have a 1\" river turtle (Cindy). heres my story:
my next door niebors had a 4\" and a 1\" also. they had both in the same tank. one day they come home and the big turt had bitten the small one\'s head off!!

does that happen offten? should i beware of that!!!????

know, another thing.......
i tryed to put the lil one in Ali\'s, the lager one\'s, tank and Ali went up to the little one and put her front hands infront of her head and shook her hands!!!!! @ the little one!!!!
is this like a mateing thing? or a territoryial???

thanx ssssoooo much!!!!!!
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I think that if you want to put two turtles of different sizes together, or like an older turtle with new turtles, you have to carefully monitor their behavior for several days. Turtles can get very territorial and attack one another. If they do that, you should definitely separate them by putting them in different tanks and stuff.

I remember I posted a topic about turtles being social or anti-social because one of my turtle passed away and my sister got a new young turtle (3 inches) for my surviving 9 year old RES (10 inches). My turtle didn\'t have any reaction towards this new turtle, but the other person who replied to my post said her old turtle snapped at the shells of her new young turtles. And so she had to separate the turtles or else one of those turtle was bound to get hurt.

But what you said about shaking the hands thing, does sound like a mating thing. My turtles used to do that too.

But to be on the safe side, you should be watching ur turtle with the new small turtle when you first introduce them in the tank for several days. And if they snap at each other, definitely separate them and keep them apart in separate tanks.
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