My turtle isn't eating much...

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I have 2 RES for about 3 years. One (Kaoro) is a bit older than the other (not much, a couple of months) but is much bigger than the youger one (Missau).
Missau hasn't been eating much... I feed them with shrimps and dry dog food, like the vet advised. Kaoro eats both things, but Missau only eats the shrimps, and she's not eating much right now... :(

I know it's winter, but they have warm water (they even have two heaters to heat the whole water) and the water is clean because I feed them in a separate place, like the vet said to. I don't know, maybe the place is too small...

Are they adults yet? I'm feeding them every other day, because if I feed them every day they won't eat much...

Thank you!
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