Are turtles social or solidary animals?

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I had two RES turtles -- one mine, and the other my sister\'s. But my sister\'s turtle passed away 3 years ago :(, and her turtle and my turtle grew up together; they\'ve been together since they were the size of quarters.

My turtle was 6 years old when hers passed away. Shortly afterwards, my sister got another baby turtle but it was sickly and passed away in 2 weeks. :(

Now my turtle is 9 years old, and I\'m wondering if she\'s lonely and needs a companion? She didn\'t have any reaction towards the sickly second baby turtle.

Do you think I should get another turtle? If so, a baby or an older turtle? Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!

I have had my turtle for the past 9 years also- he was older when I got him- than your turtle was-
But I was wondering the same thing and I recently did get 2 new turtles- That I love very much- but they are not being accepted by my original turtle- he snaps at their shell- and we do not keep them together- I love all my turtles- but you have to realize that your turtle may not get along with the new turtles- and do you have the equipment to hand to separate turtle environments-
we did and things are going well- but this is something to think about-

Good Luck!
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There is much debate about this and I think generally they are loners when they forgae and sleep, but will bask togehter and of course when they mate.

As for housing turtles together, I would say make sure your tank is big enough and that they get along. It\'s more personality and space (territorial disputes).

I house my turtles together, but I am going to separae them after I move - why? Too many little skirmishes and their requirements are different. Plus the males are always after the females.

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