my red ear slider wont eat

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recently my turtle just stopped eating his food he wont eat and fruits or vegetables and i cant figure out why please help
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Need more info...

How old (big) is your RES?
How long have you had him?
What is the water temp and basking temp?
What is his normal diet?
Aside from not eating, is he acting normal?
Have you changed their set-up in any way?

Sometimes a drop in temp., may affect their appetite. What do you usually feed the RES? They don\'t like a lot of fruits and veggies when they are young. They prefer proteins. They main diet should be pellets with veggies and supplemented with live prey (insects, earthworms and feeder fish).


he is about 2 1/2 and the size of your hand i dont know his water temp just that it is like bath water for a baby his normal diet is his pellets and sometimes a worm or two besides not eating he is acting ok but is hard to wake up when he has gone to bed for the night and i havent changed anything in his tank
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Try putting some guppies in his tank. They should be small enough for him. He\'d probably have a lot of fun with them.
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