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This is a two part question:
1) My RES laid two eggs the other day - one she ate, and the other I took out and put in vermiculite in my desert room. Its about 80 Degrees ambient - so the turtle eggs should hatch if fertile. But the question is what should I be doing for this egg? How can i actually tell if the egg is fertile?
furthermore, how can i tell if she laid all her eggs? I do not want her to die holding the eggs.

2) My CA wood turtles have been mating for the past month. How can I tell if she\'s egg bound? I maked everytime I saw on my calender, and I know she should lay her eggs about January, but how can I tell if she is actually egg bound? And if I figure out she is what can i do for her so she has a comfortable spot to lay them? and furthermore, how do I incubate tropical eggs?

Thanks - post the answers here, but if you can also email me I\'d appreciate it - I don\'t know if I\'ll ever find this place again.
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