Finding a friend for my turtle

Post your turtle first aid questions here.
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Well, I don\'t know what you\'re looking to add, but you can always get a slider of some type, though your 55 gallon will not be big enough for them both as adults. Or how about a musk? They stay small. Spotted turtles stay small.

I usually have many turtles up for adoption at any given time. I have an almost 3 inch yellow bellied slider right now. I also have several adult Red eared sliders coming in this week, and a common musk.

If you\'re interested in adopting a turtle, I\'d love to talk to you further.

If you are looking to purchase another turtle, try Turtle-Town. Shawn is a great turtle breeder. You won\'t get any junk from him.

Good luck. :)
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I have to agree with Keri... 55 gallons is barely enough for one turtle (Painted when grown). I would not advise keeping two in there. But when they are young, you can house two in there, but make sure you have plans for a bigger tank when they grow up in 5 years.

I think most other pond turtles get along well with Midland Painted (including Sliders, Cooters, Maps, and of course Painteds). But it all depends on personality. Some turtles are very territorial, while others live along great. It depends on each turt.

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