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I was wondering if there is any special needs of older RES- I have had Cecil, male RES for the past 9 years- He seem to be doing great- but I am just wondering.

Also I do let my turtles wonder around our house- They really seem to enjoy it - it is like they are getting their exercise- we make sure they are watched and do not get into trouble-
One of the turtles has been leaving little presents recently- ironically in the bathroom-
Is this a sign of a problem or does she just have to go? I never had this problem with my older turtle.
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Maybe it\'s trying to mark its territory?
Also don\'t leave them out for too long without water.

I don\'t think older RES have special needs, though they do prefer veggies and fruit over shrimp and fish when they get older

I have a 16 year old turtle and she is just about always loose in the house but also can go in the water anytime she likes! she goes in my room and under my bed and she has done this for 12 years and she has no problem with it. I have never done anything different for her as she has aged but i\'m sure there is something you can do for them.
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I agree with more veggie and less protein. As for wandering around the house... I used to do that, but now I\'m against that for two reasons.

1.) My floors are dirty - dust and hairs. Everyone\'s floor is like that. I\'m afraid my turtles will eat something off the floor or ctahc some disease.

2.) Many reptiles carry the salmonella bacteria in their digestive tract. Their feces and urine may contain the bacteria. It\'s a risk letting your turt wander around your living space where there\'s is a small chance for salmonella to spread. I say small, but there is an increased chance. You don\'t know where it has been and where it has peed. If the turtles are contained, so is the bacteria.

That\'s what I follow and eveyine has their opinion.

JJ :)
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