Frisbee\'s story (just thought I\'d share)

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Frisbee is the whole reason I started the turtle Rescue.
Here is his story.

One really hot day, I was down at one of the ponds near my house. I usually went down there to watch the turtles swim. I was walking around the pond when I came upon a raided nest. My heart sank. I saw all these tiny little dead turtles. I bent down to get a closer look, and when I did, I saw the slightest movement. One of the turtles was alive. But barely. He was stuck in the mud so deep he couldn\'t move. He was dehydrated and nearly baked to death by the sun. His yolk sac was ruptured and he was missing a leg. I picked him up and ran to the car. I took him home and immediately put him in shallow water to rehydrate him. Everyone said, \"Don\'t get too attached, he probably won\'t make it.\" Well, I\'m proud to say that 6 months later, Frisbee is still alive and doing well. We went through a lot, but he\'s finally on solid ground. Yes, he\'s a runt, and yes, he\'s missing a leg. But does it stop him? NO WAY!! This little guy has got spunk I\'ve never seen before out of something so small. He is our mascot for the Rescue. You can see Frisbee on the home page of North Carolina Turtle Rescue and Referral. Just click on the link in my signature.

And that\'s Frisbee\'s story.
(Mommy is so proud ::::sniffle sniffle::::: )

By the way, Frisbee is an eatern painted turtle.
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