New babies at my house.

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I just have to share my news.
In our town we have a small creek with a nature trail running through a water fowl preservation area. Some people whose house borders the creek found a female RES and about 28 babies living there. The problem is that RES are not native to our area and would not survive our winters. They watched the babies dissapear over time and as the weather got colder they took the last baby and mom into our local pet store. Lucky for them Mark is a turtle expert. He has had them for about a month now and called me to see if I could give them a good home after all they had been through. Of course I said yes.
The female is doing great. She is older, probably 4?. She is about 5\". You can tell by her shell that her diet has not always been that great. No soft shell though.
I did have to set up a special tank for the baby. He is smaller than a quarter yet bigger than a nickel. I wish they could have saved more of the babies. They were probably food for the Geese and Ducks down there.

Does anyone have any good ideas for names?

Sorry this was so long. I am just so happy that I was able to take them in. I wish I had the room to set up a rescue area.
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