How to distinguish between Male and Female RES turtles?

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My vet couldn\'t determine the gender of my turtle. So when I went to buy turtle food, I asked the manager of the store about the gender of my turtle. (He has a lot of turtles himself) He said since my turtle has short claws it is a female. Is this true? Also, do females have longer tails? or short tails? How long is a long tail?

I feel silly that I can\'t figure out my turtle\'s gender :(

Can anyone help me about gender characteristics?
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If your turtle is an adult, or at least 4 to 5 inches in size, use this method to sex:

Females will have short claws, males will have long claws. Very long.
Females will have shorter tails, males will have longer, thicker tales.
The vent (the opening on the underside of the tail) on females is closer to the shell. On the males, the vent is further down the tail.

Hope this helps.
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