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Where would i buy a baby RES in San Diego. I recently had a 3yr old RES die, and i would like to get another one.
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PLEASE DON\'T BUY!!! Don\'t support the exploited turtle trade. Sorry, didn\'t men to yell at ya! :) There are sooooooo many unwated RES and to buy another hatchling, it just adds to the problem and money into those people selling the RES. There\'s WAY to many RES out there and most of them end up dying anyway. You don\'t need to \'save\' a hatchling. Why don\'t you save RES from a turtle rescue and adopt one for free.

Turtlecrazed from this site has a Turtle Rescue, but she is in NC. Maybe she can give you more info. You can always try the California Tortoise and Turtle Society. They adopt out too. They all ways have RES available.

I\'m sure you love turtles or else you wouldn\'t want another one. Please save a turtle and not support the exploited turtle market.


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