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I have three RES and are all dancing with eachother, they are extending their arms and moving them rapidly. What does this mean?
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They\'re horny!!! lol!

Seriously, it is usually done by the males and I have hear people referring it as \"titalation\". The males use that to woo the females into mating. It\'s generally done by the males to females, but males may do it to themsleves, to other males and females may do it to males as well.

I love watching them flicker their hands. I have seen a male follow a female for days up and down a 40 yard pond. Every time I go to that pond. I see the male chasing the female all the time.

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Poor Romeo.
Has there been any progress on that pond, JJ?
Any help from the city yet, or that phantom reptile society?
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that is how I caught two eastern painters when i was wading in a marsh, every time i approached one on a log they zoom off. Bad idea to keep attempting. i found the best way is to sit an wait for some to swim past you. i caught 5 turts in one day with this process. the only problem is leeches, i myself dont fear them and a simple knife scrap removes them, but anyone who fears them, then this is your worse nightmare!
love to help.
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