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3-Toed Box Turtle Stuff

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 9:39 pm
by ginny_sara
Hullo, I am thinking of purchasing a three-toed box turtle from a local pet store. I have been researching them with some library books, but I still have a few questions.

1.) The UVB light-it\'s required for turtles right? I read in one of my books about a night/day cycle for turtles. After the 12 hours of light, do I turn off the heat lamp and the UVB light?

2.) I heard about vitamin deficiency in my books too. Do the turtle pellets and \"turtle food\" sold in pet stores have the proper vitamins and minerals needed? Also, my biology teacher sprinkles finely ground egg shells on his iguana\'s food. Is this a good thing to do to give a turtle extra calcium?

3.) I have three cats. (\'Nough said) Will they give my turtle any problems?

4.) How much food should I give my turtle if I feed him daily? Do I have to feed him daily?

5.) Do I have to stop my turtle from going into hibernation, or will he not go into hibernation unless I force him to?

6.) What is a good temperature range for these particular turtles (three-toed box turtles). I read about this in the FAQs, but I don\'t know if it is different for land turtles.

Thanks for helping me! :) -Sara

Re: 3-Toed Box Turtle Stuff

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2002 3:06 am
by Wu-Gwei
Good for you for researching. That\'s very smart and responsible.

1.) Yes, turn off the lights at night. Turtles can\'t sleep with the light on.

2.) A well balanced diet is necessary for all turtles. Pellets alone is not balanced. Your Boxie will need veges & maybe live prey (earthworms). Many keepers choose to provide vitamins, but some don\'t and do fine. Eggs shells is OK, I know people use calcium tablets (like Tums). But there are commercial stuff too. Take a look at the site: and \"The Box Turtle Manual\" I haven\'t read it, but many keepers says it\'s great.

3.) Keep the cats away! Don\'t let the cats have access to the turtle.

4.) Depends on the size and age. Younger turtles can be fed daily and older ones don\'t need it.

5.) It depends on the temperature. If you keep him the home and has a basking light, he won\'t go into hibernation.

Box turtles are challenging, but very beautiful turtles. I recommend that you have enough room for it to wander. They like to walk around and keeping it in a small tank is not a good habitat.


Re: 3-Toed Box Turtle Stuff

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2002 6:12 pm
by ginny_sara
thanks! :)