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We just recently bought my son a turtle. The man at the pet store only told us that it was not a box turtle. He also told us that it didn\'t need any water except when we feed him. However, the turtle has webbed feet and really seems to enjoy the water, that is the only time that he will move around. He has red on both sides of his head, and a brownish shell. We don\'t know how to take care of him...if he should be in water or not...can you please help??
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The pet store guy is wrong. If your turtle needs water to eat (swallow), then it\'s a water turtle. The red ears, often indicate it\'s a Red Ear Slider.

Anyway, read up this site and about the care of water turtles. It should be housed in water and some dry land to crawl up on. It should have a filter and UV plus basking light. Read up a little and we can help you out.

JJ :)
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