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Post any questions you have about a turtle indoor setup here. Or if you have a link to your indoor setup picture we would love to see it.
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Is it okay to take my baby RES turtle out of his tank to walk around my apartment on the floor? He likes to run around and hide under furniture. How long at a time should I let him do this?
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It\'s a personal choice... water turtles can be out of water for a day without any problems of dehydration.

I used to let my turtles run around the house, but I don\'t any more for two reasons.

1.) The floor is dirty and they always find their way under couches, in corners, behind furniture... the dirty places. I don\'t knwo what types of diseases it may pick up.

2.) Keeping my home clean. Many reptiles have Salmonella in their digestive tract and most turtles have salmonella in their feces. With this said, I would like to keep my hoouse clean and isolate the turtle to his enclosures. This way there won\'t be chances that the turtle can spread salmonella. It\'s a precausionary measure.

I have MANY tanks, tubs, enclosures for my turtles. I think having the turtle out of water once is a while is fine. I do it also, but I keep him in a big 50 gallon Rubbermaid tub.

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