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I posted a while back about a turtle I rescued and name Resputin. The turtle had gashes on her head, neck, and chin. She also had a large fracture across her shell, dents, and white spots. She had takena four story fall. Plus she was underweight and took 11 days before she first pooped.

Well, after two months and several vet treatments, she is doing great! Her head (which had been gashed down to the skull) is entirely healed, as are all of the other gashes. The shell will never seal, but it is entirely infection free and healed. It moves far less than before, too. She eats anything I put in there now-- with grapes being the favorite. She has also gained quite a bit of weight and has become very friendly.

Anyway, the story has a happy ending. I never thought she would make it when she was first found, broken, starved, and dehydrated. Now she is a great pet!
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