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hi last nite around 4:00 am, i woke up to find that my turtle was behind the filter. i also found out that he wasnt moving, and his eyes were closed. i left him in the same spot for about 3 hours, and he i still not moving. i think something happened to him last nite, and i think he is now dead =(
i would like to remember him by preserving his little shell, but i forgot how to do it. if anyone has any ideas, please post.
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there are directions on one of these links above. ill find it for you. some of them are really nasty. like boiling it. id make sure its dead. you dont want to burn a live turtle. right. try taking it out, im so sorry.

her\'s the direct words off of the link:

Preserving your turtle\'s shell after it\'s death:

Here are a couple of ways of preserving your turtles shell after it\'s death. A natural way to do it is to bury your turtle in a composite pile, make sure you remember where you buried it. Another option is to bury it someplace where it\'s going to be moist all summer long. Check on the progress of the shell every couple of weeks. The disadvantage to these methods is that they may cause damage to the shell.

If you want to speed up the process, here is an alternate method (although it doesn\'t sound too appealing to me). After your turtle has died, you can cook (simmer) it for a long while, and the soft parts will eventually fall off. I have read that it causes a very bad smell.

Professionals use several kinds of acid solutions instead of the cooking method. Acids are dangerous. So if you\'ve never used them before, I recommend not using this method. Besides, this method may turn your stomach because it looks and smells very bad.

Note: A baby turtle shell is harder to preserve because the shell is very small and their bones are not calcified all the way yet.
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