water level?????

Post any questions you have about a turtle indoor setup here. Or if you have a link to your indoor setup picture we would love to see it.

hi i have two red ear slider turtles in a 15 gallon tank witch i nkow is horrible!bu i obtined these turtlels and setup from someone else witch when i got it the water was so bad in he turtles wehere under the water you couldn\'t even see them!so i know they need a bigger tank so i was planning on making one out of glass and aquiaruim safe sealent/silicone my question was how high should the water level be because what i want to do it make a 127 gallon tank when its all filled up(it will be over 5 feet long but quit short but i need to make sure that the stand i biuld can support the weight of the tank/water and ive heard that it should be 3 times the turtles heaight and ive heard the turtles lengh should be the water level ive heard 3 times the turles shell lengh ive heard all sorts of things so i came here wanting a real anwser whats the best water level for my maml and female turtle!I want them to have the best set up possible to keep them healthy i have MANY animals and want to get a ferret too but i want to get my turtles in a healthy enviorment before i get another pet i always do this and if all my pets are in a good envirment i make one have a good enviorment and make them like ti better i always inprive one of my pets before i get another
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To get your turtles out of that cramped tank, why don\'t you just get something like a Rubbermaid storage container for now?

What are the dimensions (length, width and height) of the tank you\'re planning to build? The minimum depth for the water should be one and a half times their shell length. RES are great swimmers, though, so really the water should be as deep as possible without allowing them to escape the tank.
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