need trick for food!

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hello,everyone!i got my res 2/3 month ago and she always been feed on turtle pellet...i try a bunch of other food cause i know that\'s not the right diet but she don\'t care about anything else then pellet! i put 2 guppies in there they still alive(but she might haved eat the baby\'s cause i saw once baby guppie for 2 days and never seen it back but it might be the filter whom got them...)i try vegetable the snail finally ate them...she don\'t touch the snaill...but she keep looking for food all day!!! do somebody have some trick??? i don\'t want a loose her in a couple year! and also i would like to know if the cuttlebone are the one for the bird cause i can\'t find any for turtles!!!
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as long as hes eating the pellots because that full of vitamins and proteins maybe what you tried giving him he don\'t like mine loves carrots,corn,and most all fruit I ever gave him
I usually only give mine pellots
I did get him shrimp treats
but i noticed when i give him fruit and veggies he makes a mess so i only give them as treats once and a while
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