What kind of turtle is this??

Not sure what kind of turtle you have? Come in and ask the turtle community.
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My friend and I saved a turtle from a highway today...The shell is smooth and dark brownish green and it has an orangish yellow tribal kind of a pattern. Should we keep this turtle as a pet or should we set it free? What should we feed it and what should we keep it in?

I don\'t know how to add to my message, so I\'m just replying to myself :-)
I just thought it would be helpful in indentification if you knew that he dosent have webbed feet, and that we live in Eastern North Carolina. Thanks so much!!
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I live in North Carolina, chances are if you picked up a turtle off the road in NC it is etheir a Box turtle or some kind of snapper. If there was water or something of the sort around it could be an aquatic turtle. If it has webbed feet chances are it is aquatic. I\'m not real big on keeping turtles from the wild. I only keep captive bred turtles which have been brought up in captivity. You can buy a turtle from many turtle farms. Try www.reptiledepot.com or www.turtlesales.com.

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