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I really wasnt a pet lover until i got my first turtle (Squirt) , after a few weeks i bonded with Squirt and wanted another, so i went and got another (crush), They have become part of my family, and I try to take care of them the best that i can. I\'ve had them for about 2 months now and Squirt and crush seem very happy.
I do have a question tho, they are about 2 and a half months old and Squirt has grown rapidly, compared to Crush, shes almost 2 times as big, is this normal?
I figured she was a bit older but they were the same size when i got them. For a while they would get on top of each other and i wasnt sure what they were doing. Were they mating? She does like to eat quite a bit and takes Crush\'s food when hes eatin so im not sure if shes pregnant or if she just likes to eat..
here are some pictures of them i took
Either way i hope they stay with us for a long time.
They are fun to watch when we let them run around the house. And look funny when they rest theyre heads on one another...anyhow tell me what ya think!
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Cute turtles. You won\'t be able to tell their sex until their shells are about 3.5 - 4 inches long. They\'re too young to mate. Turtles will often stack on top of each other on the basking area to be closer to the warmth.

The difference in size could just be due to genetics (differences in growth rates), but if the larger one is taking food from the smaller one, you might think about feeding them separately so the smaller one gets his fair share. He might not be getting enough to eat (and grow). Portion size for each for turtle food is an amount that would fit into the head (not including the neck). Up to a year feed once a day.
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