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hey all! this is my first time at this website, but it seems to be a really good one. i was hoping i could get some input on my two RES. I got them at the same time about 2 years ago...but only one of them is growing! they were about the same size when they started, but know one is about double the size of the other. should i feed them separately or is this due to difference in gender (they both have flat plastrons)?

ALSO, just recently the smaller one (whose name is koopatroopa) has started to get a shell that looks like it\'s been sanded down on some parts...is this due to vitamin deficiency or is it my bigger turtle beating up on the other (they both like to climb on top of each other esp. when basking)...and can this be repaired or will it heal on its own??

hehe. sorry i just gave my turtles\' life stories, but if someone could respond back with some input that would be great! thanks!!
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if you have been feeding both your turtles the same food, then I think it would be unlikely Koopatroopa is suffering from a vitamin defiecency. That is unless your other turtle doesn\'t let Koopatroopa have his/her fair share of food. Flat plastrons? a vet told me males have concave plastrons so they can climb on top of the female during mating. I\'m not sure though.
Do you make sure your turtles get sufficient sunlight and a dry basking area? Do you keep your tank water clean at all times? Pathogens from dirty water could infect your turtle\'s shell, among other shell problems that could result from incorrect husbandry.
Best to bring Kooptroopa to a vet before the condition worsens. Until you know what the problem is, you should probably keep your 2 turtles in separate containers.
For more information, try the Internet. I found this webpage http://www.micronet.net/users/~turtles/shellrot.html useful. My turtle has white crusty lesions and is getting better after I brought it to the vet. It will take a long time to heal though.
Good luck.
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