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One of my baby Red Eared Sliders that I have had over a month now has a new hobby. Lulla has spent the entire evening biting on the smooth river rocks that line the bottom of her tank. While the rocks are all at least twice to three times the size of her head, I am worried that this new habit could be either a sign of a problem, or the beginning of something unhealthy.

Is this normal?

Is this hurting her in any way?

Is this a sign that something else is wrong?

How can I tell/what do I do if, somehow, she manages to swallow one of these rocks? (The rocks are far too big at this point, but there may be a broken small peice somewhere in there I can\'t see)

Any advice would be appreciated. :)
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Some feel that a turtle trying to eat gravel/pebbles, etc. is a sign that its looking for calcium. Try letting a few pieces of cuttlebone (the stuff for birds; take off the hard backing first) small enough for her to eat floating in the tank as a calcium supplement. Make sure there are no pieces of rock small enough for her to ingest.
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