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need UVA,UVB and heat all in one bulb! whats best???

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 5:07 pm
by Rebecca-Elizabeth
I have an aprx 5" red eared slider in a 30 gallon tank, half full with water. We can pretty much only find a
100watt Power Sun UV light bulb, found at
and a 160 Watt Super-B Flood Lamp, found at ... 27-C-.aspx
Which provide both uva, uvb lighting plus heat all in one bulb. We wanted to ask around and see what other forums thought. We heard from our last forum that the Power sun wasn't reliable ans haven't heard anything about the Suber-B light, maybe someone has a different opinion, or if you know something better let us know, also if anyone has any other Canadian located, or places willing to ship to canada - Reptile Murcury Vapor Bulbs or a bulb that will provide all three things (uve,uvb, and heating) in one, please let us know, it will be greatly appreciated not only by me but my my turtle Henry also

thank you