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Ask questions about your turtles behavior here. (Fighting, strange things, etc.)
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I don't know if first aid is needed, but here is some background before I get to the problem.

I got a RES and Miss. Map as babies. I was told they would do well together. I started them in a 29 gallon. They grew FAST. They then went into a 75 gallon, which was huge for them, but I was told it would suit them forever pretty much.

They have gotten along for 3 to 4 years now. The RES is larger than the Map. Last Saturday, the RES attacked the Map on the neck. The Map had a small abrasion (no bleeding that I can see). As a preemptive measure, I soaked the Map in a infection preventing solution for an hour.

I put the map back and took the RES out just for a bit so that the RES didn't see the map as an intruder. Everything seemed okay when I put them both back.

Both were eating. Later on Monday, I heard the Map speeding across the tank. It must've been bitten. I put a temporary divider in the tank. Now the RES is uncomfortable and wants the whole tank, but is eating fine. I put the basking area on its side. For the Map I bought a new basking area, slightly smaller, but plenty of room to bask.

The Map hasn't eaten since I divided the tanks. She is pacing up and down the tank, and is not basking to my knowledge. The RES hasn't basked either, but I'm not that concerned, because the RES is eating.

What should I do about the map. I was cleaning my filters, and noticed a bad smell from the. I change my water 50% to 75% every week, and is decently clean. Is something wrong, or could it be the medicine residue or possibly a turle sulfur block causing the smell?

Please, if you could help with any of these, it would be appreciated.
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