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Ask questions about your turtles behavior here. (Fighting, strange things, etc.)
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David Alonso
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My red eared slider is making weird movements with his back legs in the water as if he cannot swim but when I take him out he can walk perfectly fine, can anyone help with explaining what is happening?
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Are you sure it's a male? Sometimes when turtles have problems with eggs(binding) or follicles it can cause them to swim weird

Mainly if there stuck at the bottom or swimming sideways that's a huge indicator there's something wrong possibly a respatory infection

Also check the water quality with ph strips if it's hard water it could make it harder for him to swim; or you would be supprised at what you may find

Can he still swim? How old is he? Is he eating or does he seem lethargic at all? And is he shedding?

If he's still eating normally and is active you shouldn't be too concerned

My male kicks his leggs in the water sometimes(shakes them) or scratches himself this can be removing dead skin tissue or they can also do it if there bored or frustrated they love landscaping so you could just have to add a few plants or logs to scratch on or distract them feeder fish can assist

Hope this helps!
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