RES won't eat his veggies

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Hi there -- I feed by RES (looks like under a year or two old, not sure) frozen shrimp and commercial turtle pellets. I've heard you are supposed to give them veggies, but no matter what vegetable I offer he shows absolutely no interest (in fact he does not seem to recognize them as food).

Any ideas of what vegetable may be irresistible to him?

Or should I not even worry?
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Baby turtles are generally carnivorous, it is a good thing to offer veggies, but don't be surprised if they don't eat them, Here is a partial list of veggies that you can offer:
Water Plants
· Water Lilies
· Water Hyacinth
· Duckweed
· Anachris
· Water Lettuce
· Water Fern
· Pondweed
· Water starwort
· Hornwort
· Water milfoil
· Frogbit
“The ones they like best are the Lilies, Hyacinth, and the Water Fern,â€Â
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Try getting the scent of something he likes on the veggies (mix/mash mealworms with carrots, for example). You could also soak leafy greens in the water from tuna or sardines (no oil).
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they don't like veggies when they're they get older they'll get used to them and their diet should consist mostly of veggies..make sure they get enough calcium and those things then there would be nothing to worry about :)
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