Shell burn?

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We've gone a while with out a basking lamp light (Sorry turtle) and just recently bought one from the store, but I noticed these when he was basking and it looks almost like the light is burning the shell? We do have the light close so I'm worried its radiating too much heat too close. The light just rests on top of the mesh cover right now, we dont really have a way to prop it up. Should we be looking for one? I'm just worried about my turtle.

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First most reputable manufactures on UVA or UVB bulbs have placement instructions on the box or included in the box. Must be followed. Better yet is to have a meter and use it for placement needed for your species.
My opinion from decades in this hobby is not a burn. Picture tells a thousand words. This has been coming about for a long time , just noticed it when bulb was installed. And this shows up much better when a turtle is dry. The turtle is having a hard time shedding it’s scutes. Diet and habitat has a lot to do with this. Please research on this just a basic care sheet does not go into detail on what a turtle needs and how to apply those methods. Do not try and help by pulling them off !!! Can and will cause damage to new scute under keratin layer. Also painful to the turtle if done wrong. Let nature do it's job ! Having something in tank your turtle can rub against to help loosen shed is best.
Picture shows very thin layer of keratin , yes the edges are lifting up but on the central scutes number 2 and 3 have been stuck down for too long. This has caused trapped dirt and water under the keratin layer trying to shed. Bacteria starts growing under there ( bacteria scoring). In time will go into shell rot if not corrected. Please give more time and attention to a balanced diet and habitat and in time could correct itself.
Also do you have your UVB bulb on the mesh cover too ? Does the bulb you got produce both UVA and UVB that’s adequate for your slider ? If so that mesh blocks a lot of the usable “UVB” rays ! The UVA rays have no problem with mesh covering but the UVB rays do. Many other ways to prevent escape. Try a DIY stand be creative , I always make my own to save money.
Watch #2 and 3 central/vertebral scutes careful. Correct habitat and diet and hope it’s shed goes faster to prevent more problems that will get worst. In time over several other sheds the shell should correct itself but tank and diet corrections must be made. Turtles your size don't always shed every year , that slows down with age . Some that size only shed maybe every other year so will take sometimes years before shell corrects itself but can.
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