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Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 3:50 am
by renaimburgia472
my RES is about 3cm (1,2 inches) radius. is it ok that i make a home for him in a box that measures 60cm lenght and 20cm wide? will he be able to grow at normal speed?? after all the post ive read about turtle that dont grow in little boxes........ im kandi worried :( bacause i love my turtle so much.... btw his name is wax :arrow: :lol:

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 4:17 am
by suippefrepunk
for a month or 2 it would be ok I guess, it is very narrow though! I hope we're talking plastic box with water and not cardboard box? how deep is it too?

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 4:19 am
by renaimburgia472
its about 14-18cm

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 5:57 am
by suippefrepunk
I think you could do with finding something bigger, I think the length is ok as a starter but try to find something at least 30cm wide and 30cm tall. A plastic storage tub should do and they're cheap and easy to get hold of