Any Advice for my RES Turtle?

Discussions about aquatic turtles. (Red Ear Sliders, River Cooters, etc.)
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Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:34 pm

I’m a new owner and I know little about my turtle. Any advice is helpful

Thank you!
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Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:45 am

Yes , no matter your age read everything so you know what you are getting into.
The more you research the easier it will be. Look up info for your species and size .
Don't go by what a sales person said at a LPS said and stay away from those so call turtle kits totally inadequate ! Most salespeople never owned a pet and are told what to sell that has a high profit margin just there for a paycheck. When I see a new salesperson here and there I play dump and ask what I need to get that turtle. I have actually been told just water and feed it now and then ! That's Sad ! Reading "only" basic cares sheet is also inadequate. Must read details like setup temps lighting diet health needs and more to make this hobby easy and have a happy long lived turtle .
A good habitat can prevent lots of problem / poor setup are documented to be the cause of many issues ! When one makes these pets captive it your responsibility to care for it properly. Sad in this hobby the life span of a baby turtle is only 2 years due to poor habitat's. When it could be 50 years.
Do lots of homework for your turtles size and species ! Then it will be easy !
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Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:43 pm

My biggest advice is don’t be lazy or don’t get tired of turtle!
Remember how exiting it was when Voldetort became your family.

I have an old RES at my parents place that I have for over 30 years since I was like 5.
To be 100% honest, yes, I am guilty of being lazy to clean her tub and, yes, I am guilty of only feeding one type of food knowing it’s not ideal.
But the thing is,
whenever I got lazy about cleaning, it is more work and unpleasant experience when I finally do it.
whenever I got tired of providing good variety of food, it is more work for me to make her eat healthily again.

People can take only so much of unpleasant experiences before quitting all together.
So the key is, if you thought it is good idea to change water, do it right away. If you learned good food for your turtle, try it on that day.
Never postpone anything when it comes to your turtle and that way you can maintain your turtle healthy and clean, and maintain yourself interested and excited about your turtle :D
After all, happy turtle makes keeper happy too. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.
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