Turtles fighting and biting female involved?

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I have three red eared sliders two boys one girl. The boys grew up together and they never used to fight. They're in a 150 gallon good filter and water. I thought maybe I wasn't feeding them enough but they're still fighting. I've separated them for now but I'd like to figure this out quickly.

They're the same age but one significantly bigger. I think the larger one might be the aggressor but I'm not sure. I've seen them both bite at each other.

I've seen online one potential solution could be higher quality food so I'm going to switch their food. But could it be because of the girl turtle? She's not mature enough yet and eventually will need to be removed but could they be fighting over her? They never bite or fight with her.

Also they don't fight all the time in fact they all sleep cuddled up together even though theres more than one basking location.

Any help appreciated. Just want them to be healthy and happy.
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Though I don’t have scientific proof or anything but I believe turtle fight happens often when there is not enough space for the other turtle to back off.
Usually baby or young juvenile turtles don’t fight even if they were living in a tight space but adults will.
So relocating female might actually stop the males fighting because they will have a little more space.
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