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Not sure what kind of turtle you have? Come in and ask the turtle community.
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We just got.... (I THINK, it's a baby, it's LITTLE!) some kind of turtle!! A friend of ours, 12 yr old son's, friend's, turtle, had babies. Our friends son decided he wanted 1 &..... doesn't really want to take care of it, anymore:-( . NEVER in a million years did I think I'd ever WANT a turtle, for a pet!! But then... we were asked to foster a HUGE red eared slider turtle, for a few months & OMGosh!!! I never woulda thought a turtle could have THAT much of a personality!! Not to mention, I'm a huge softy for anything that has feelings, human or not, that I feel like isn't being treated fairly. Or... the way I want to b treated. So... anyways, we got this lil turtle. & I can SEE that it doesn't have the red "ears", so I'm thinking it's not an RES. But, it's super important to me, to give this lil guy/girl, a safe, healthy, happy, home! The 12 yr old, tried, but... he's 12!! When we grabbed out the basking lamps, he was like, 'it needs a light??'!! But, really, before we do anything, we need to know what kind of turtle it is, so we know what's gonna make it, the healthiest/happiest. We've looked all over, online & have a couple ideas, but... we'd rather get ppls opinions, that know more than a cpl months of "turtle knowledge". I'm going to try to figure out, how to post pics & if any1 could PLEASE help us, figure out what this is... we'd all b SO appreciative!!
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