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Can I hibernate my outdoor aquatic turtle in the house?

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 6:54 pm
by carpinteyrohwa

I have a painted turtle that is in a outdoor pond. It was built by me, it doesnt have any dirt in it. I have several heaters out there, but I cant keep the water at the right temp. I want to bring her in house. Can she hibernate in the house or is this the wrong thing to do. Can I put dirt in her pond outside and let her hibernate there? She is 5 years old and has never hibernated because she was always in the house until the spring of 2006. What do I do?

Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 4:36 pm
by dixieee
i'd keep her in but without hibernation. it's not an easy thing to be done in captivity and in many cases the turtles don't "wake up" or fail to hibernate cz the temps weren't cold enough which could lead to serious problems. i'm not scaring u but since u have space to keep it indoors for winter, why not be on the safe side :)