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Housing 11 babies together

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 7:30 pm
by MomTo31
Hello Everyone,

I love the turtle emoticons, I want them!!! They are so cute. Anyhow, my question to you today is:

I have 20 adult RES that I have rescued from various sitchuations and two of them suprized :o me with the gift of EGGS... We have rescued RES since the 80s this was a HUGE suprize thankfully we saw them laying them so we could dig them up and incubate them.

Well now I have 11 babies two months old and they have out grown their current home. What would you house 11 GROWING RES in if you chose to keep them indoors, unlike their parents (in the 1/2 acre outdoor pond)?

Thanks :|

PS I wish I could have viewed the pictures of your new outdoor pond. I am really sad to hear about your baby loss. :(

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 4:58 am
by dixieee
welcome to the board rescuer :)

11 babies that's cool. out of how much?

ok u can divide them into groups of let's say 3 and put them in medium sized setups until they are old enough to go outside or u can group them in fours of fives and keep them in larger rubbermaids until they're ready to live outdoors. that's what i would do if i were u :)

good luck with them and keep us posted. btw, could u get pix of them and the others with the outdoor setup?

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 1:44 pm
Wow!, 11 babies :D , congratulations, I think that dixieee's suggestion is probably about as good as it is going to get :? :D Good luck :D

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 7:38 pm
by contact444
Congratulations! How fun! I would say also a rubber maid is the way to go, especially if your short on funds. Since it is only temporary definitely rubber maid. Good luck with all your little babies. :lol:

-I want to see some pics also.

11 babies update

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 1:43 am
by MomTo31
Hello everyone,

Thank you for your imput. We are currently housing the babies at my parents place in their spair bath tub. They have a huge rock to climb on to bask under the heat lamp. They also have a floating wall mounted ramp thing I got at the pet store (disapointed in that buy). They hide under it when ever you enter the room. They use the heater (with protective cover) to rest on and bask under the UVB light. They are eating and growing like wild fire. The smallest baby is 1" all around (not sure why so small) the largest is 3"wide 4" long (so big). Then there's Paradox my mirical baby he is starting to look like the hunch back of Nort. so they are all going to the vet tomorrow for their first visit and weight in. Can't wait to scrapbook their weight.

If anyone has instructions on how to post pictures I would love to show you some. I have a couple great shots of them as they are coming out of their shells.

To answer the very sad question of "out of how many?". The first batch layed by Mommasita had 19 eggs (they all looked dark and transparent), the second batch layed by Aundrea (like Aundre the giant, shes huge) had 11 eggs (they all looked like hard white chicken eggs, oval shaped). I prepaired for 30 babies to arrive I was more than devistated when so many did not arrive to live with me :!:

The First batch of 19 were incubated at room temp.
The second at 90-95F.

The second batch arrived one month earlier than expected, 10 made it.

Of the first batch only Paradox hatched, one month and one week later than batch 2. He is the reason we are going to the vet tomorrow.

Thank you all for your replys, sorry for my delay.

Watching the babies hatch was the most amazing experience. We are now going to seperate the male and female adults and build a second pond, b/c the point of my rescuring turtles from other people is to stop the proccess of RES ending up in local ponds. So my having babies was irresponsible on my behalf, but I love them all, I am glad I got to see babies hatch and I will keep and care for these blessing for the rest of their lives too as I will with their parents. (which ever boy(s) it is :lol: )

Happy New Year.

:?: does the Notify me when a reply is posted option work?


Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 3:18 am
by dixieee
this is just amazing :D i can't wait to see those babies!! so i'll post the instructions at the end..

a trip to the vet? that sounds nice (taking all those babies and preparing them for the visit), how cute :lol: i hope the smallest one is ok though. just keep us posted about them plz.

now here's how it goes:

1- upload the pix to an online album. if u don't have one, try it's the best till now

2- after the pix are there, click on the pic u want and u'll get its full size

3- right click on it and go to properties

4- copy the whole URL address u see there as it is

5- paste it here that way between:
[ i m g ] the URL goes here [ / i m g ]
but WITHOUT spaces so it shows.

6- the pix are there and we can see the cute babies :)

btw, did u have the hatching part on a camera?