My neighbour in Japan has a turtle and I am worried...

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Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:11 pm

Hi there,
I just randomly found this website and thought I would sign up as I am worried about a poor little turtle who lives near my door...I am so sorry if I am ignorant in saying I don't know a thing about turtles- or even if it's a tortoise (is there a major difference?) but only that I love all animals and this little guy or girl looks up at me and tries to climb out of his horribly small plastic square bucket thing. I know turtles are supposed to have good lighting, warmth, plants etc etc and this guy-who would be about the size of a small dinner plate, has only an oversized lunchbox!! he doesn't have any plants and no controlled temperature or heat. I have been tempted to steal him and release him somewhere but I don't know whether they survive in rivers or sea or whatever (also we live on the top floor (5th) and she will know its me...anyway, I thought the least I could do was ask some people who know and maybe I can make his life better (maybe I will buy a big container and give it to her and say I found it on sale and how about using it...) she is in her 50's and a little strange and no kids at home so it just seems forgotten...
poor little thing- so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks all of you *_*
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Thu Oct 13, 2005 4:15 am

welcome to the board sheldon :) it's great to know there are still people like u who care :D the poor thing, something must be done cz it won't last long that way :!: oh btw, a turtle is a water turtle (lives both on land and turtle, webbed back feet) while a tortoise is a land turtle (lives only on land and has normal back feet, somehow like an elephant's if u want). if u're planning to rescue it in any way and either keep it or release it into the wild, we'll be glad to help u and provide all the info u need to help that little guy. and if u want to release it, let it be a river cz sea turtles (the big HUGE ones) are the only ones who live in the sea.

so good luck and tell us what happens :) thanx a lot for ur concern
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Thu Oct 13, 2005 9:05 am

Hey sheldon, Welcome to the board :D

I used to be deployed to Sasebo Japan while I was in the military :D
Is there any way you can get a picture of it so that we know what kind of advise to give, check the foot thing, if it has webbed back feet, it is a water turtle, like dixieee said, if the feet look more like an elephant's foot, then it would be a land turtle. I think that it is a good idea to give the lady a tank for the turtle, who knows, she may even let you help her take care of it. :D, good luck and let us know what happens. :D
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Thu Oct 13, 2005 4:20 pm

poor guy- I'm so glad your taking on the mission to help it! A pic would definitely help, you definitely don't want to release it if it's not a native turtle. I would try giving her a larger tank for it and lights, etc. However it is rather expensive- maybe you could offer to buy it from her? You can always rescue it and keep it or if you think she'll find out you can give it to someone who will properly take care of it. I'm not hip on stealing, but if it's being treated in a cruel way then go for it! :lol:
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