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Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 9:51 pm
by Perrie.:.Winkle

Hey everyone, :D
I'm not new to the Allturtles board.....some of you know me as xVBBB Girlx yeah anyways kinda disapeared for a while. Since then i've gotten 3 more turtles counting in at 8 now, look at my signature and see "em" all Alex and Milo are new so is Rexx I still dont think im done with getting turtles getting a new turtles is like a child getting a new toy (i dont know how else to discribe it XD...that's my "lil" face isn't he cute?...well i think so) anyways now im forced to move them to the downstairs tank since theres 5 water turtles now i think its a 59-60 sum gallon tank.....idk :twisted:

ok enough of my blabbering :P
-Rachel (gotta love the turtle smilies) <3

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 1:44 am
by dixieee
hey rach welcome back to the board :D now ur different turtles have different sections in here..btw, congrats on ur new trio :)

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 8:31 am
Welcome to the board rachel, a.k.a. Peri.:.Winkle