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Sun Jan 13, 2002 3:26 pm

I have had my turtle for 14 years now, and he seems pretty healthy.

He very active, but doesnt eat to often now (not sure if it is because of winter or not)

He's in a 55 gallon long tank, with ample basking space.

He top shell has lost of its color a few years ago, it's its stil got some green and yellow streaks to it.

His bottom is peeling alot right now, and some of the sections are thick and casuse him discomfort when touched. Under the peeling layer, the color is normal, except for a pinkish hugh to it that i'm sure is not good.

And he often sheds his skin, alot at a time, to the point were u could reach in and almost pull it off.

Does this sound ok, and what can i do about it?
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