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Sat Jul 29, 2006 8:35 pm

hey all!

we have moved into our new home in Chicago, and Sesame is exploring his new tank! i was wrong, it is a 10 gallon tank, but again, free, so until Sesame grows it will do nicely. i got him a small turtle dock and a filter that actually filters 20-40 gal (is this bad to have something that filters more than the tank i have? i figured i'd keep it since i will have to get a larger tank eventually.), plus some rocks, a couple plastic plants, and a heat lamp over the dock for basking (120 W heatglo bulb - is this ok?). i'll try to get a picture of the setup once i can borrow a digital.

Sesame has been biting at things - and i think he may have eaten a little bit of a pellet i gave him today! i was going to go to the store and get some tuna in spring water and some red leaf lettuce.

a few questions: should i just drop the little pieces of food into the water in the tank? turtles need to be underwater to eat, right? and will the filter just suck up the extra or do i need to clean it out? is there such a thing as too much basking - will my turtle dry out or something or does this not happen even if they bask for hours? he seems to like it in the light now that he's figured out how to get onto the dock.


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Sun Jul 30, 2006 4:01 am

yay congrats little sesame :D got any pix?

a 10-gallon will hold for a while not too long but since it's free, it's ok u lost nothing :) turtle dock is ok. filter actually should be 4x the tank's size cz they're made for fish and turtles are much messier than fish. some rocks, how big are those rocks? they should be really BIG at least bigger than the size of the turtle's head so he doesn't try to eat them and get his intestines blocked. plastic plants give a nice view but also make sure they're not pointed or could hurt him in any way :) heat lamp should be there, i don't know how many watts though. do u have a UV bulb (UVA+UVB)? it is very essential too and can be replaced with 2 hours of direct unfiltered sunlight daily.

glad to know he started eating :P u can hand-feed him or put the food on the basking area (messy food like tuna) and he will drag them down when he decides to eat. yes they do need water to swallow cz they don't have saliva. basking normally is ok, turtles vary in this cz some species or even from the same species bask for different hours. it would be concerning IF the turtle stops getting down in water and doesn't eat anymore.

k so good luck with little sesame :) can't wait to see the pix
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