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Discussions about aquatic turtles. (Red Ear Sliders, River Cooters, etc.)
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Mon May 30, 2005 5:49 pm

i bought my two baby red bellied cooters off the internet.. so i took for granted that they would actually be red bellied cooters..

well i'm beginning to wonder if one of them is indeed a red bellied cooter.. or even a turtle.. (joking i know it's a turtle)

my little turtle pox.. she was the littlest one.. and now she's the most ferocious! i don't know what happened to her.. her back shell even changed colors. instead of having the regular swirls like her brother has, she now has weird dark green leopard spots on an olive colored background.

last night i found a green tree frog outside and i have branches and things in the turtle tank, so i thought it would be cute if i could make a layered tank.. much like a native louisiana habitat.. because the tree frogs never go into the water and it wouldn't be near the turtle.

well.. the frog made the mistake of falling off one of the branches and into the water.. it jumped back up on the side of the tank, and had one leg dangling in the water.. suddenly my little turtle pox came out of no where and bit the frogs leg then dragged it down! i was so shocked.. because i didn't know red bellied cooters do that! they're supposed to be herbivores.. anyway pox being her greedy self let go of the leg for a second to chomp back.. and i scooped the frog up and took it outside after examining it to make sure it was okay.

now i feel so bad.. i have a fat turtle (dax) and a regular male (rex).. whenever either of them fall off the turtle dock.. pox swoops over to them and starts harrassing them! i'd take pox out of the tank but last time i took rex out the tank, all three of them put up such a fit.. it was horirble.

silly little turtles..

anyone else had this problem?
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