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American Snapping Turtle

American Snapping Turtle Geographical Region: They are found from south Alberta to Nova Scotia and south to the Gulf of Mexico. Size: Up to 19 inches with males larger than females. Weight: Up to 45 pounds for wild adults; up to 75 pounds for captive adults. Habitat: They like warm shallow waters, buried in the […]


Alligator Snapping Turtle

Alligator Snapping Turtle Macroclemys temmincki Geographical Region: They are found in an area from southeast Georgia, west to Texas, north to Iowa and Indiana. Size: Can reach more than 26 inches. Weight: Up to 300 pounds. Habitat: They like deep waters in rivers and lakes. Food: Carnivorous, they eat anything they can catch, even other […]


Turtle Adoption & Turtle Rescue

Turtle Adoption & Turtle Rescue Children are fascinated with small pets. The parents hesitate to buy them a new baby turtle. The parents give in and buy their children this new pet. Hoping that their children will learn responsibility. Everything goes well for a couple of weeks. But you notice things are changing. The children […]


Turtle Care Sheets

Turtle care can be quite a mystery at first glance, but we’ve got you covered with some great guides below to help you manage the care of your turtle and even the care of your tortoises. Turtles and tortoises are fun and interesting to watch. When my turtles’ tank was set up beside the TV, […]


Turtle Newbie

Turtle Newbie Welcome to the All Turtles Newbie section! This section was created for new turtle owners. We have put together a simple FAQs page that answers some of the most common questions on your mind. For example: “Is my turtle a girl or a boy?” To make this fun, we asked the experts… my […]


Turtle Species

Turtle Species​Turtle Species, there are hundreds of different types of turtles. At the moment we have 30 different turtle species on this page. Click on each one to get further information on caring for your turtle.  If you have any pictures or suggestions, please let us know so we can continue to improve our knowledge […]

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